Erez Ben-Or

MONUMENT #495, 2021

13 cm
The Monument series is the result of two converging influences, an interest in architecture and the built environment and a love of science fiction. The vessels are constructed using a slab building technique. The clay body has been fired and is usually left unglazed to enhance the vessel's texture and to illuminate its material quality. The vessels are glazed on the inside to maintain a level of functionality.

This body of work sees the introduction of rhythmic, organic elements that become motifs that appear in contrast to the overall static, monolithic forms but result in overall playful quality.
Erez Ben-Or is a ceramic artist who was born in Israel and has been based in Sydney for the past 25 years. In 2007, he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art (first-class honours) from the National Art School, Sydney. Erez also and has a background working in graphic design. Ben-Or’s preferred medium is clay. The Modernist period and Brutalist architecture are both sources of inspiration. Another influence is his love of science fiction films, particularly those set in dystopian futures. Ben-Or’s work is hand-built, using a clay slab technique which he finds more suited to constructing his forms. For Ben-Or, the slab has an immediacy and materiality similar to concrete that he finds appealing. Whilst his work is often finished with the raw clay body exposed on outside surfaces, he does occasionally finish his work using slips and dry glazes and only opts to glaze the work on the inside so it maintains a degree of functionality.
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