Tess Miller

MADDY, 2022

27 × 8 × 17 cm
Tess Miller young emerging ceramic artist creating biomorphic abstract forms form clay using gentle hand building technique and slow intuitive movement to shape the clay into its chosen form.

Tess Miller investigates the connection between the embodied processes of clay construction as she physically molds and materialises shapes. Transformation occurs though the hands of this emerging artist, creating broods or families of new organic forms forfeited though the alchemy of fire, becoming monuments to the natural world. "Imperfect forms for an imperfect world" are all forms that stem from the past 2 years of working with clay and finding uneven and flawed parts in my works that emerge are what make the pieces beautiful.
Tess Miller is an emerging ceramic artist and sculptor; focusing on the fine art of hand built ceramic objects and wheel thrown functional ware. Interested in transforming movement into shape, natural pigments and form that hold its own, Tess physically works clay bodies into tactile objects that are both grounded and open. Driven and excited by clay as a medium, Tess works intuitively and slowly to achieve unique, one off pieces to last a lifetime
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