Nadera Adil

Greenwashing, 2022

106.7 × 96.5 cm
Greenwashing is on the rise.
This piece is a call out on the corporate hypocrisy on climate change. The patchwork typography reflects natural systems in Australia unravelling. In just a short span of time, we’ve experienced catastrophic bushfires, reoccurring “one-in-100-years” floods and intense weather systems. Environmental degradation is considered a threat to humanity, which could bring about societal collapse. The upwards and downwards strokes, pointing in different directions is reflective of the mess we find ourselves in. Suddenly, Marketing departments are leveraging off sustainability messaging to appeal to consumers. The rising support for environmental action has also meant the rise of greenwashing – the falsification and overstatement of green credentials. Every day we see yet another company claiming environmental benefits with their product or packaging – from ‘lower emissions’ to vague ‘better for the planet’ and even ‘ending plastic waste’. Elements of the painting look to be sectioned off – I’ve tried to compartmentalise the confusion, lack of trust and credibility and the need for action. I did not grow up wanting to work in sustainability, but there is little else to do on a dying planet.
Nadera Adil was born in 1992 in Adelaide, Australia. Her parents, immigrated to Australia following the desolation of the Soviet Union. A self-taught artist, her practice marries together her traditional Uzbek upbringing and love for her land and country, Australia. Having moved to Bondi, Sydney from the Northern Rivers, NSW in 2021, Nadera’s meditative work can be interpreted as patchwork topographies of organic forms that one encounters on bush walks. The upward and downward strokes of oil paint symbolise the ancient craftsmanship of ikat weaving. Nadera’s abstract paintings in earthy greens and browns draw inspiration from her “9 to 5” in sustainability.
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