Stephen Williams

Evenfall, 2021

90 × 90 cm
Field Note: Castlereagh Street, Thursday 7 pm, not so long ago
The main subject of Stephen Williams’ art is the modern city – dark, seductive, beguiling. Born and raised in Albury NSW, the Sydney based artist paints as an outsider looking in. His use of atmospheric colours, fractured lines and areas almost devoid of articulation combine to convey a sense of dislocation. Specialising in oil paint, Williams uses rollers, palette knives, mediums and solvents to manipulate paint on canvas and timber panels. With a fascination for twilight and darkness, and often blurring the boundary between representation and abstraction, Williams infuses the city with drama, tension and personality. He has recently been a finalist in numerous awards including the Paddington, Lethbridge 20000 and Korea-Australia Arts Foundation Art Prizes. His works are held in private collections both nationally and internationally.
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