Hanna Rose

Can’t Run From The Fire, 2023

100 × 100 cm
This painting holds strong emotional weight. I witnessed an incident that left me feeling dread and disappointment over the treatment of a child by their parent. I walked into my studio feeling emotionally heavy and I finished the painting in a single session. I painted with a deep visceral connection and outpouring of grief and frustration at what the future might hold for the child and I was concerned for their mental health. The reason it triggered such a response from me was that it made me acutely aware of the child’s innocence being manipulated and it penetrated the very essence of where my creativity comes from.

I am an abstract artist based in Melbourne. I studied Fine Arts at RMIT and majored in Ceramics. Despite still working with clay, my passion for abstract painting is my first love, oil paint my preferred medium.
My works are usually large, colour saturated abstracts and use of colour holds equal weight with strong brushstrokes. I aim to create a sense of balance and flow between colour and composition.
I use colour to express emotion and as a student was deeply fascinated by and often studied the American Expressionist movement of the 1940’s and 50’s.
I switch between two styles; spontaneous and gestural brushstrokes and controlled hard edge geometric patterns; possibly both a reflection of personality traits!
My primary objective is to paint from emotional memory, channelling my inner child – the most authentic and uninhibited version of my creative self. I hope my paintings express a childlike playfulness and innocence others can relate to.

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