Christine Nagle

Boys Don’t Cry, 2022

51 × 40.5 cm
Through the vehicle of portraiture I wanted to capture a moment in time of my son and his cousin, as they move unflinchingly forward through childhood and toward their adolescent selves.
“Boys Don’t Cry” offers the juxtaposition of a child’s vulnerability and strength, softness, and the hubris of youth. The lack of background invites the viewer to engage solely with the boys and the challenge of their unflinching gaze.
Their state of undress speaks to innocence, and an unguarded unselfconsciousness, allowing us the opportunity to observe the fragility of their fledgling state.
After completing the first year of her BA in Fine Art, Christine’s Art exploration took a more informal path of fashion and textile design, travel and motherhood. A passion for portraiture and working with oil paint is now driving her creative expression.
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