Laura Fenderson

Bound by Love (and scarf), 2023

25 × 30 cm
This painting is part of a series that investigates moments of my lived experience filtered through the photographic source and the materiality of paint. My paintings are created by working through an intuitive, subconscious response to the photographic source. Allowing the painting to paint itself exploring how the mechanics and materiality of painting carry meaning. This painting depicts figures taken from a photograph, and imposed into a location they were not originally part of. Investigating how the dislocation of the figure creates tension between distance and intimacy. A tension that fractures into tensions between the familiar and the uncanny, of feeling and memory and of painting and the photograph. 

I am originally from Canberra, Australia where I completed my undergraduate degree at the Australian National University, School of Art and Design.

Currently I reside in Melbourne, where, at the end of 2024, I will complete my honours year in Painting at The Victorian College of the Arts.

I am a figurative painter, with a focus on depicting the figure within a ‘space’. My paintings capture experiences of the everyday that are osilate between the familiar and the uncanny. I depict the everyday, by showing moments of interactions with friends, family or myself. Looking at these interactions through a lens of memory, emotions and feelings. My work is based on both the found and the personal image. As so much of my lived experience is an interaction between digital and the personal data base. My methodological approach to painting is often led by a subconscious response to imagery and material, I aim to let the painting paint itself.

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