Jayne Curle

Balance, 2023

101.5 × 76.5 cm
Bodily Kinaesthetic is another of the eight different types of intelligence I aim to highlight in my new body of work. It is a person's ability  to manipulate objects and use a variety of physical skills.

Elon Musk, in 2021, said "It's easier to put a man on Mars than to change the school system."

Imagine a world where children are psychometrically tested at the outset of their education, discovering in which of the eight (some say nine) types of intelligence their strengths lie.

Imagine teaching those children based on these discoveries. We learn so easily what we are innately adept in.

Imagine the successful, fulfilling, happy lives those kids could lead if they knew their true vocation early on.

Imagine telling the kids who love playing with toys such as spinning tops, space hoppers and pogo sticks,

"You have great balance. Your strength is bodily kinaesthetic intelligence. One day you might grow up to be a carpenter, athlete, actor, dancer, mechanic or PE teacher.

A self-described “Paradox with a Paintbrush”, Jayne’s art aims to express what words sometimes cannot, to show the presence of something whilst also highlighting the lack of or need for that something. In her latest series “Innate” , Jayne highlights the eight different types of intelligence through placing huge toys or games into unexpected landscapes. The child who enjoys or excels at playing with that particular game or toy possesses the intelligence needed to conquer it. “Why can’t we connect with our children and discover their strengths from the outset of their life journey then tailor their education based on their innate intelligences? Surely the product of this would be that future generations thrive, fulfilled and content because they’ve chosen the correct careers based on their strengths, passions and interests?” Jayne works in oils and her inspiration predominantly comes from manipulated photographs she has taken herself.
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