Sarah Randall

Written 24 October, 1999, 2021

30 × 25 cm
Dearest is a series of oil paintings portraying the letters and envelopes sent between my great grandparents and other family members. As objects of love and affection, their papers have become they way in which I have got to know who they were. They are painted with the love and care I hold for them, speaking to family and relationships through objects.
Sarah is an artist based in Orange, NSW Australia. As a still life painter, her work explores the relationship between people through their personal and everyday objects. Her work is informed by her background in visual arts, with a Bachelor of Creative Arts, Wollongong in 2013, Masters Fine Art (coursework), RMIT in 2015 and Grad Cert of Art History, from the University of Melbourne. She has completed residencies in Tasmania, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea and Ireland where her paintings have been collected publicly and privately. In 2018, she exhibited as an Australian artist in the Jeonnam International Sumuk Biennale (Mokpo, South Korea), following a residency in the Bank of Fishermen Building. Recently, Sarah has returned from a long term artist residency at Greywood Arts (East Cork, Ireland). In Australia, she continues to assist the Arts Centre with her illustrations to fundraise a new roof for the Coach House Project. In addition, she volunteers remotely for Alternating Current Art Space in Melbourne and has moved into a new studio space in the railway barracks (Orange NSW).

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