Billy Vanilli

Wet Produce, 2021

61 × 91 cm
'Wet Produce' is the multi-layered result of my exploration and experimentation with using oil paint to create different textures and surfaces. I was interested in how hyper-realism can be employed to create transparency or the effect of something being wet/dry. Through all my works a reoccurring theme is food and the role that it plays in our society. I'm especially interested in how food is presented, often over the top or eroticised. For this artwork I wanted to follow the traditional tropes of a reclining nude but with the subject being an abundance of fruit and vegetables. This was to comment on the almost voyeuristic nature we view food these days. I chose to paint produce for the range of different curves and textures – similar to a human body. Freshly grown produce is wholesome and pure. Having it half covered in a dripping wet sheet instantly disrupts this purity. Leaving a slight feeling of confusion.
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