Sally O'Neill

Us and our cutlery drawer, 2021

51 × 41 cm
At a time when we prepare for our wedding, I find myself reflecting on the relationship I have shared with my partner over the last four years. Although our lives are now very intertwined, there are still physical indicators around us of an old life. Our cutlery drawer is one reminder of the time before we knew each other. The drawer is a combination of cutlery and other assorted items from our past single lives. Not one item in our cutlery drawer has been purchased or gifted since we started seeing each other. I see our cutlery drawer as a poetic metaphor for our relationship. Our couple identity is made up of who were are as individuals, but together we somehow make a more complete whole.

Through the forms of painting, drawing and animation I seek to give the mundane new emphasis, compelling my audience to consider the value of the ordinary in their own lives. I choose subjects that are low in the hierarchy of the art canon; people, animals, objects and everyday moments. In choosing content that I have an emotional connection with, my art is infused with nostalgia and a fixation on the prejudice of memory. Largely autobiographical, I seek to transform my story into a shared narrative through the conversation my art has with audiences who bring an array of experiences, personalities and opinions.
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