Sophie Sachs - WINNER 2022

Two glasses of water and a glass of soda water with a slice of lemon, 2022

61 × 91 cm
‘Two glasses of water and a glass of soda water with a slice of lemon’ is a continuation of my current painting practice which focuses on exploring glass, water and light. The work depicts three glasses of water, however the hero of the painting is the direct morning sunlight that brings the glasses to life, causing them to glow and refract light in interesting ways. Sitting in the morning sun has always been one of my favourite things. This has become evident in the subjects that I paint. My still life scenes are always brought to life by the strong direct sunlight that shines onto and illuminates them. By painting such simple and easily recognisable objects it becomes clear that it is the sunlight that can allow an Ikea glass filled with tap water to transform into something amazing. I strive to represent the glass and water realistically as I find these details immersive, both while painting them and for the viewer to observe. However my overarching focus is to capture the brightness of the light. Aiming for the painting to appear as if sunlight is actually streaming onto the canvas, almost like creating a window for sunlight to enter the room.
After completing her Masters of Architecture at the University of Queensland, Sophie worked as a lead designer with Urban Art Projects in public art for 5 years. She now works as a full-time artist in her home studio in Brisbane. Her work aims to capture the beauty and intricacy of everyday objects and experiences. While the subject matter in her still life scenes are quite ordinary, the most important feature is always the direct natural light that washes over them. As natural lighting is so fluid and ever-changing, her works become about capturing an exact moment in time. She aims to highlight and examine details that may normally go unnoticed.
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