Georgina Proud

Treble Vase, 2023

16 cm
The Treble Vase is an exploration of materiality that investigates the chemical reactions and transformation of materials that occur during the ceramic making and firing process. Sea glass and seeds are embedded in the clay body burning out and melting during the firing. The reaction of the foreign materials within the relatively stable properties of the original clay structure creates points of volatility and fragility, texture and imperfection. These surfaces bear the imprint of the elemental reactions that occur during the firing process, giving them a rich depth and unique character.

Georgina Proud is a ceramic artist who places a focus on materiality, creating experimental ceramic vessels with inclusions of glass and other found materials.Her work investigates how these materials react to the ceramic and firing processes. She works primarily with wheel-thrown forms exploring methods of collage and assemblage to create distinct sculptural vessels. She enjoys playing with the tension between the functional and sculptural, making work that blurs the lines between the two. Her practice places an emphasis on glaze development with a focus on new textures to add to her ever expanding glaze library. Her work explores the themes of femininity, fragility and strength through bold curves and textured surfaces that are at once both soft and robust.

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