Kate Pittas

Transitions of place and mind, 2023

91 × 61 cm
Alone in the bush, I’m in conversation with something greater than myself. I’m not so concerned about the physical features of a tree or rock,but of its role and place in the overall landscape. I paint or sketch fast with sweeping marks & an awareness of what emotions my surroundings are gifting me in any changing moment. I often feel the full gammit of emotions from relief, through to grief & circling back to a sense of peace. The palette is driven by my emotional responses. The transition of feelings sits alongside the physical transitions of the landscape. From creek to rocks, to tree lines, outcrops & vast skies. Subtle variations sometimes, but at others it’s as if the land draws its own portrait with definitive marks.

Kate Pittas is a contemporary landscape painter based in Meanjin/Brisbane.
Her practice is a response to , & exploration of to the  Australian bush , through thick layers of paint and expressive marks & colours.

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