Imogen Corbett

The Wardrobe, 2023

65 × 30 cm
'The Wardrobe' is a sentimental study of clothing and their under looked ability to carry matriarchal identities. Cropped to articulate the clothing's hang, the depicted garments are both owned by the artist first-hand and inherited from the artist's mother. Rendered in careful detail and with vibrant colour, the clothing emulates classical depictions of drapery used to elevate the status of the wearer. Now depicted singularly, the clothes are elevated by an equal respect and attention.
Imogen is a Brisbane based emerging artist. She has a lifelong passion for still life and portraiture and often borrows motifs from classical painting. She is inspired by painters such as Sandro Botticelli and Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, as well as tableau photographers such as Gregory Crewdson. Current themes and focuses in her paintings are articulating social disconnect, stillness and the use of colour and detail to foster contemplative looking. Imogen is currently completing an honours degree in visual art at the Queensland College of Art.
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