Elizabeth Beaumont

The smell of yellow, 2021

56 × 82 cm
For the past 3 years I’ve wrangled with the acacias that come into heavy flower at the end of each winter. Like so much of the Australian bush, the thick, lemony blooms are all-consuming. I find their presence is difficult to represent without muddying the image, each blossom needing to be seen to truly feel the impact they have on the frigid surrounds. This painting is part of a developing body of work which attempts to represent the feeling of the continuous and dominant natural phenomena in my immediate surrounds (the horay sunray by the side of the road, the yellow box full of cascading mistletoe, and the acacias in full bloom). Through a deliberate approach of repetition and reduction, The Smell of Yellow aims to articulate the micro details and the broader scene within which they sit.
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