Angela Hayes

The Present and the Passing (ON HOLD), 2021

12.5 × 31 × 44 cm
With this work Angela takes inspiration from her inner-city doorstep. She explores the tension between the constrained and the ephemeral, the permanent and the passing. The work represents rigid and formal buildings and laneways with controlled architectonic forms, with straight edge, planar surfaces, and angled perspectives. Expressive brush stokes loaded with glaze and washes capture the transient rhythms of life and movement across this cityscape – the shifting shadows, the reflections in panes of glass, the comings and goings through opening and closing doorways. In this composition an abstracted scene depicting the drama between control and the fleeting is played out.

Angela Hayes’ ceramic sculptures originate from the study of the classic pouring vessel. The lip, the body, the foot, and the handle are evolved into contemporary forms which depart from the functional constraints of the vessel and become instead, a receptacle for her artist’s voice.
Angela Hayes creates ceramic sculptures from her inner-city studio and kiln room in Melbourne. She studied Fine Arts – Ceramics at Queensland College of Art and later completed a Bachelor and Master of Landscape Architecture at The University of Melbourne. Her prior landscape architecture design practice, research and teaching in addition to her art practice has developed a distinct architectonic style and keen eye for design which is demonstrated in her handcrafted slab based, ceramic sculptures. Through her ceramic forms and glazing techniques, Angela explores her existence within the inner-city environment. The edges, the control, the routine is contrast with the gritty textures, the flux, the chaos; as well as the relief in moments of calm. She has received numerous awards for her designs and has exhibited her ceramic sculptures with galleries in Melbourne.
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