Samantha Arnull

The Possible 3, 2021

43 × 43 cm
Samantha Arnull is a custodian of objects. She creates systems that exploit symmetry and asymmetry of form. She brings forth patterns and broken symmetries, dissipating expectations of position and combinations of substance.

The Colour Fields Series originated in a chaotic vat of volume and hue, transforming into quilted fields of repetition. The studio process began with an imagined set of fluctuating constraints and rules and from this process the colour fields emerged. This Work locates itself in the geometry of familiar childhood objects. Moving between worlds, presenting the asymmetric complete with off centre painterly orbit.

Like a Librarian, Samantha Arnull systematically returns to the circle, seeking its completeness and containment.
Samantha Arnull is from Sydney, Australia; born in Darlinghurst in 1973, the youngest of five children and daughter of inner-city public servants, her father loved to collect precious and semi-precious stones and objects while trailblazing on family road trips across Australia, light years away from the familiar. She resides with her family in Thirroul, south of the Royal National Park with her studio not far from her coal coast sanctuary. Samantha Arnull is fine art trained in drawing and sculpture; her art practice orbits objects; she is a magnet for process-based art practice, not classification. Her study at Bauhaus in Weimar (Master of Fine Art through the University of Newcastle 2001), has remained the most significant sphere of influence on her practice; aesthetically and philosophically. Samantha is a member of Clifton School of Arts (Art Gallery and cultural hub located on the Coal Coast), where she is administratively involved with new exhibitions and projects; researching and creating social media content. Samantha’s work can be found in private collections nationally and internationally. She was the winner of the Happiness Award in the Little Things Art Prize 2021 exhibiting at Saint Cloche Gallery, Paddington.

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