Allison Rummery

Tethering (framed), 2023

165 × 103 cm

Allison Rummery studied at Sydney College of the Arts: Bachelor of Visual Arts, majored in painting. Allison was also a finalist in the Sulman Prize , the Mosman Art Prize, and the National Emerging Art Prize and ACB selected artist 2022, 2023.

“An invitation to breathe in the tender, wild stillness and vulnerable majesty of nature as Artist. I walk in the bush most days. Each day brings a new light, a different shadow. Life and drama at every stage, every step. Exposing, enfolding, decomposing, regenerating – age shapes and wears, creating texture and line. Small, intimate moments, the warm tension between beauty and decay. All these create the spark, and I photograph, sketch and use oil paint to tell these stories”.

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