Grace Cram

Sunday, 2023

51 × 41 cm
The beach is a great leveller; everyone can relate to the feeling of sun on their body. This work explores that physical sensation and the joy and vulnerability involved in baring skin.

This painting belongs to a series I have been building, which depicts people at ease in their bodies in outdoor settings. In these paintings there is an emphasis on the firsthand, sensory experience of the subjects. Working with cropped snapshots I am interested in capturing the intimacy, humour, joy and personality inherent within bodies on display in public spaces.
I am a self taught oil-painter, living and working in Naarm (Melbourne). Alongside my painting practice, I am also an interior designer with over a decade of experience contributing to the design and delivery of a range of architectural and arts projects. My design experience has given me an affinity for materiality, colour, texture, composition and mood that I bring to my paintings. Grounded in observation, and drawing on the traditions of genre painting, my paintings explore the meaning found in everyday moments. My work interrogates contemporary culture and aims to capture the beauty and absurdity within the mundane.
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