Loren Utterson

Slinky, 2021

15 cm
This artwork is reminiscent of fun and lighthearted imagination and play. In my work I am drawn to flamboyant nature of art making. My artwork sits within the void where form and function are altered by the surface. I use a mix of art media to help reinvent the intent and meaning of traditional ceramics where I aim to push the boundaries of clay and incorporate the kitsch and tacky into high art.
Loren Utterson’s ceramics incorporate mixed media in order to reject the conservative techniques of the medium. She uses her bright, playfully-coloured ceramics to explore and connect to childhood memories of play, and to disconnect from the mundane elements of everyday life. Loren’s mother and grandmother are both painters. As a young child, Loren’s mother would allow her to assist with making colour swatches and other arts activities. During school holidays, she experienced numerous artistic activities, from painting to candle making. These experiences continue to inform Loren’s practice. Born in Sydney, Australia, Loren grew up between Newcastle and Sydney. She has completed an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts majoring in Ceramics at The National Art School, Darlinghurst. She is currently studying at Australian Catholic University to acquire her Masters of Education.

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