Emma Fleetwood

Shimmy Shake, 2021

13 cm
Shimmy Shake, 2021 – Stoneware Clay
‘Shimmy Shake’ is one in a series of experiments in how to bring a sense of movement to a static object, to what is essentially a piece of stone once fired. Shimmy Shake achieves this by creating a sense that a breeze has just ruffled the delicate individual fronds of the skirts of the pot and that they could move again at any moment. Shimmy Shake is both a functional vase, and a piece that can still be viewed as complete while empty. The purpose of this is to ensure that the vase is as useful and enjoyable as it can be. Materials are precious, the things we make with them should be able to be used in our lives as much as possible.
Emma Fleetwood is an emerging Canberra ceramicist working in stoneware and porcelain clay. Emma completed her foundation arts year at the Canberra School of Art, majoring in silver-smithing. Emma launched her label ‘The Seasonal Ceramicist’ in 2017 selling home wares and jewelry which combine hand pinched textures with intricate patterned finishes. Emma’s work focuses on creating reusable and timeless pieces which evoke a sense of nurture. Emma has taught hand building ceramic morning workshops in and around the ACT since 2019, teaching over 200 students across 20 events in 2020. Emma opened her home studio for the first time in 2020 as part of the Design Canberra festival. Her Open Studio attracted over 180 visitors, with 50 participating in the clay public engagement activity she provided. In 2020 Emma’s ceramic home wares featured multiple times in Country Style magazine and in the Christmas issue if the Australian Women’s Weekly. Emma is a keen photographer and runs a popular Instagram account showcasing her ceramic practice though her photography. Emma is a finalist in the Frankie Magazine ‘Good Stuff Awards’ for 2021.

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