Emily Heath

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy (framed), 2023

60 × 90 cm

Emily Heath is an emerging artist living and working in Sydney, Australia. She has studied Anthropology, History and Fashion Design and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the National Art School. Emily’s painting practice focuses on emotions and memories associated with objects, flowers and the places we inhabit. It is a practice she uses to make sense of and explore the world around her, and influenced by the work of the Impressionists, to explore her inner emotional world. Emily passionately investigates composition and colour, creating works that are driven by intuition and use expressive, bold brushwork to create a balance between stillness and movement.

I’m constantly fascinated by my emotional connection and response to inanimate objects and familiar spaces and enjoy that the still life genre is a way of exploring my memories, relationships and current mood. It’s always a playful exchange between me and the objects and I enjoy walking a line between accurate representation and abstraction, forever in pursuit of capturing that inexplicable emotional response that is so time and place specific it only continues living inside the painting.

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