Nicola Hart (SOLD)

Ruffle Vase, 2021

15 cm
I gather inspiration from nature, flowers and botanical shapes, coral and sea life. I am drawn to porcelain as a medium for its unique translucency, and its ability to reflect light and colour. Porcelain is a very fragile and temperamental clay, unforgiving in its pure whiteness and form. It reveals every mark that I make in the clay's surface.
I have reimagined a traditional long-necked amphora vase. The delicate ruffles around its neck soften the shape and create a unique silhouette. I have hand built the form using a combination of traditional ceramic techniques, then added layers of porcelain frills to give the vase a unique sculptural form. The vessel is an expression of the beautiful organic shapes we all relate to in nature.
Nicola Hart is originally from New Zealand, moving to Australia after finishing her studies in graphic design. She worked as a designer and art director, then spent time at home with her 3 children. Around 10 years ago Nicola started classes in ceramics, and fell in love with hand building in clay. Nicola combines several traditional ceramic techniques to make beautiful contemporary organic shapes, that are one of a kind and show her maker’s marks in the clay. Every part of the ceramic process is done by hand in her home studio in Sydney. Her work is inspired by nature, and a passion for unique design.
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