Gillian Martin

Rhythm, 2022

16 cm
The colours, rhythm, balance and undulating forms of the desert, with its rugged dryness and hot summer sun, are the influences for the creation of this series of work.
This influence is reflected not only in the dusky bands of coloured clay but also in the shape of the pots which hold the design. The strong coloured stripes blend and highlight the curves producing a rhythmic pathway which flows and circles these organic vessels. Added textures in the clay and defined demarcation lines of the colours evoke a sense of the harshness and beauty of the desert.
Through utilising a mix of thrown and hand building techniques, in conjunction with experiential kiln firing, the different shades and tones are blended to depict the harmony and cyclic nature of desert life.
My work is an exploration of balance and colour with influences from the environment and abstract expressionism.
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