Candice Broderick

Requiem, 2023

60 × 120 cm
Requiem is a painting that transcends the physical, penetrating deep into the labyrinth of the mind. This painting is an expression of lived experiences and exists as a conduit for depositing past, present and future memories. It is an artwork that serves as a portal in this life; reliably there, always waiting to take from you what you no longer need in exchange for renewed freedom and courage to move forward.

Candice Broderick is an emerging Australian artist whose
broad subject matter spans across abstraction, figuration
and still-life. Broderick is driven by a desire to express the
transaction that is made between the artist and the
surrounding environment during the creative process, observing people and places and commenting on these interactions with brush and paint.

Painting with an earthy colour palette, the artist draws influence from the Australian landscape, whilst manipulating the pictorial plane with additions of high-contrast colour and flattened space to create an interactive dynamic between two different styles.

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