Hana Vasak (SOLD)

Reflecting on the Moon II, 2021

16 cm
The Moon Jar is an admired and romanticised form, it is also beautifully poetic, a piece that is described belonging to the night sky. I am deeply drawn to the forms minimal aesthetic and expressive nature. It is a piece that is both symbolic and transcendent.

Reflecting on ancient pottery is embedded into my practice, Reflecting on the Moon I & II play a homage to the Moon Jar. The alluring curvaceous quality of this form is embraced, reimagined and reworked for the present moment the pieces are embellished with Kintsugi and hold onto the traces of the past as they evolve into something new.
Hana is an emerging artist based in Melbourne. Embracing creating hand-built sculptural vessels, Hana’s ongoing development in exploring new forms often takes visual inspiration from sculpture, natural forms, ancient pottery and her travels. Pieces are often attached to a personal narrative, they are made in a slow and considered way, one piece evolves into another, which allows Hana to continue refining her studio based practice to create pieces that merge sculpting and hand building techniques whilst subtly playing with shape, form and texture.
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