Ingrid Williams

Ntaria (Hermannsburg), 2023

82 × 85 cm
Lot of people coming to Ntaria (Hermannsburg) Community and people come from all over and come and go all the time. They come to Alice Springs, stay with family at Town Camps, visit with family, then do their shopping and go back again to Hermannsburg. Busy, busy road.

The tourists come on that road. These three houses here, people are watching the tourist cars going past to Palm Valley or going back to Alice Springs.

People watching what’s going on, and see people and clouds. They looking out as they on the road saying ‘oh, that’s lovely Country!’ They see everything and say ‘oh, nice Country! Lovely Country!’
Born in Alice Springs, Ingrid is the granddaughter of established artist Marjorie Williams. Under her guidance Ingrid began painting at Tangentyere Artists in 2021. Since that time, Ingrid has grown her practice to include painting, ceramics and jewellery. In July, her ceramics were shown in ‘Ngurrika Lyatinya Ingunthaka: Yesterday Today Tomorrow’ exhibition at Araluen Art Centre. Her stylised ceramics are catching the hearts of many and will also be shown as a part of ‘Desert Mob’ exhibition this September. Ingrid likes to paint figurative works that tell stories about Hermannsburg, the community where her mother was born.
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