Midori Goto

“MUUUM! Can I’ve a snack!?”, 2023

40 cm
A tangible expression of the many emotions i feel being a single mother. Responsibilities feeling like fingers scraping at my brain – so much love my heart almost explodes – ‘to do’ lists in the morning turn into ‘forgot to do’ lists by night – 1000 creative ideas swarm around my head, like cobwebs, mycelium webs – with an exchange of silly faces i stick my tongue out & my sons small hand shoots spidey webs back at me. My best friends Spider-Man…What about you? I pushed through the tears of watching this piece explode, after processing that, I picked her up with a smile from ear to ear, I put her back together like Jenga. This piece speaks to me differently now but makes so much more sense, this piece told me it’s own narrative, I see myself in it…Completely.

Childhood nostalgia, cluster formations, deep sea tentacles to fingers and hands are some of the many details found on Midori Goto’s unique sculptures.

Midori, a mother delves into the space of childhood curiosity combined with how we view the world around/beneath us through her playful sculptures.

Similar to “interest based learning” her inspiration changes daily.

Midori works in stoneware & terracotta through to resin & polymer clay, playing with textures, formations & colour to engage that feeling of curiosity between her work and the viewer, tapping into the human urge to explore, analyse and observe.

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