Angie Goto

Music in my Eyes, 2023

100 × 100 cm
Music in my Eyes" is an artwork that captures the unique experience of myself being Deaf in relation to music. Through this piece, I explore the personal journey of not being able to fully comprehend music in the traditional sense, while finding solace and joy in the mesmerizing visual language of sign language. The vibrant imagery and expressive strokes convey the deep connection with sign language, depicting it as a form of music that is visually enchanting and fulfilling. This artwork invites viewers to appreciate the beauty and power of non-verbal communication, offering a fresh perspective on the diversity of human experiences and the multidimensional nature of art."
I am a Deaf Australian artist, and I love showing how my mind works through my bright paintings. I have such creative and visual thoughts all the time, and thats how I start my paintings. I am constantly thinking about my paintings, and find sources of inspiration from everywhere, it could be a movie that has prompted a creative thought or perhaps something I see in nature.   Being Deaf, I have a completely different way of experiencing the world, compared to those who can hear. I take in everything visually – including communication, whether that be through lip reading  or Auslan. I try to show this through my paintings. My life has been filled with ups and downs, but I always try to remain positive, I certainly don’t want anyone’s sympathy because I am Deaf. I have such a positive outlook on life, I believe it makes me so much stronger.   
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