Isabel Koslowsky

Mt Donna Buang (Wurundjjeri country), 2021

120 × 120 cm
Ancient trees, soil ecosystems, and other natural elements for example are significant to our survival and sense of belonging. My focus lies on the unique landscapes I feel drawn to while opening a pathway for the viewer to reconnect with them. Humans share many similarities with nature. Trees for example live in cooperative communities, share a collective intelligence, and are depending on communication and other living organisms. They give us a sense of place, time, and spiritual connection. Mt Donna Buang is one of the unique landscapes I have explored and revisited often while working on my recent body of work.
I am an emerging artist working from the Abbotsford Convent, a unique Melbourne arts hub in Victoria. My focus and passion are contemporary landscape paintings inspired by the Australian environment. Through my work, I am seeking to translate my emotional experience and memories created within the landscape while highlighting the importance of a reconnection to our natural world. I am feeling incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such spiritual and unique landscapes which inspire me every day. Nature to me is not separate from us. It is a healing space and source of life. I feel deeply connected to this beautiful land and its soulful presence. My paintings are purposefully on a large scale so that I can feel physically immersed by the landscapes I am creating. My work is an urgent response to the loss of natural habitat based on climate change and human distraction. In my project, my intention is to gently invite the audience to reflect on our bond with nature and the accountability each of us holds to care for the land. To be present, connected and at peace with our natural world is my motivation

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