Samantha Corbett

Moving Ground, 2021

102 × 76 cm
This painting seeks to explore the feelings of ease and unease felt during a time of great personal uncertainity in 2021. At the time I found myself thinking of familar places. The green couch at home, the local beach and the eucalyptus trees in the afternoon sun.

Abstraction became a way to draw out the known and unknown, forms melting into spaces, letting go and going with the flow. Places took the form of colours warm greens and yellows, dark blues and browns.
Samantha is an emerging Canberra artist interested in visual storytelling through painting and mixed media approaches. She graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts, majoring in Painting, and a Bachelor of Development Studies at the Australian National University. Her practice explores the moments of intimacy and distance, performance and reality, that characterise this technological age. She uses painting, drawing, print-making and digital manipulation techniques to playfully engage with source imagery through both abstract and figurative modes. She is interested in collaborative image-making as the basis of constructing her works. In early 2021 she partnered with an ANU academic to develop a large-scale visual response to their research which was exhibited publicly at Ambush, Kambri. Currently she is a participant in the Bundian Way Arts exchange, exploring connection to landscape and place in the NSW and ACT region.

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