Deniz Yildirim

Lucid, 2021

63 × 63 cm
Lucid is a piece l created as part of my ‘Reflections’ series. My passion lies in painting still life objects, accentuating the reflections of light and creating depth to items. I love adding different layers that are visible once we stop and are still enough to look closer. Objects are not always only what we see on first glimpse, rather they are sometimes vessels for us to look retrospectively. I’m endlessly fascinated by the appearance of objects based on beams of light and shadows with light changes. I’m finding a lot of peace and beauty in stillness and simplicity at the moment. I feel it holds space for us to delve deep within ourselves. I believe intent is the key to shape our lives and l strive to keep this at the core of my paintings. I enjoy painting with oils and acrylic equally, however decided to use acrylic to bring Lucid to life as l wanted to aim for a minimalist look with a clean palette on this particular piece. I hope you enjoy it as much as l enjoyed creating it.
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