Usha Bachhil

Life Outside The Window, 2021

56 × 72 cm
This the outlook from my studio window where I view this flat while I’m painting. A simple image of a block of suburban flats. The inclusion of one person in this scene heightens the sense of loneliness and isolation.

To look out the window and see the beauty of ordinary things. For me windows are the only connection to the outside world in this lockdown. In a monotonous and often helpless lives, a window offers an escape from reality. I draw the only information available to me from this window, what is the weather today, how winter is waning, and spring is coming, the changes in the trees and flowers in the flower bed, how people are dressed, how father and daughter are playing with each other in the house. Outside is always a moment, always life, always colours, always something new. I peer outside but I’m busy with my own thoughts, my past life where I was playing with my parents like this, in another country wishing I could see them. The painting has a deeper meaning, it’s about all who haven’t met their family’s or can’t be with them, and those who lost loved ones to covid as I lost my grandmother.

The mobile phone is a symbol of the vital tangible connection we have with those we long to be with.
Usha Bachhil is a full-time artist living in Bathurst who practices contemporary realist art. with over 12 years of experience. Her work explores the beauty of still life through objects and scenes in her day-to-day life. She paints predominantly in oils and prefers working with still life under natural light. Her work captures objects in their raw form through lighting, shadows and a colourful mood palette. Much of her work uses balanced composition with a sense of tranquillity. she pays close attention to detail in the way colour fills up a place or a subject to create a realistic rendition. She paints to capture the fleeting magic of an illuminated space. Usha’s work focusses on capturing the beauty and simplicity of things that we often overlook and seldom stop to appreciate. She also enjoys exploring other subject matters such as flowers, animals, figure, landscape using different mediums. Through her work she wants to transpose viewers into the scene and have an emotive experience. To feel what its like to be inside a painting and interact with its characters.

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