Shin- I (Juliet) Tang

Lechenautia Blues, 2023

36 cm
My iron rich stoneware vessels celebrate the unique blue wild flower, Lechenautia biloba, which is native to the south-west of Western Australia.
Inspired by the bloom cycle of native plants after a bush fire, this is an exploration of natural growth patterns through the use of ceramic crystalline glaze.
By using specific kiln firing profiles and glaze chemistry, I have been able to grow and imprint self-seeding crystalline floral blooms on clay.
The organic distribution of the blue crystal blooms impart a natural stellate form, which is reminiscent of the Lechenaultia flower form.
Corrugated surfaces (cast from corrugated iron) pay tribute to my architectural background whilst enabling even glaze distribution.
By combining the organic attributes of clay and the scientific elements of the glaze, my vases reflect the essence of spontaneous growth and transformation in nature.
Juliet Tang is an emerging Perth based Ceramic artist, having successfully exhibited as a finalist in several art competitions. Originally trained as an Architect, Juliet combines her interest in Design and her newly acquired Ceramic skills to create unique works that combine the organic and scientific attributes of clay. Her art work explores the beauty of the Western Australian landscape and pays tribute to corrugated structures in early Outback Architecture. Prior to graduating from Perth TAFE (Ceramics) in 2022, Juliet was appointed to teach Ceramics at Tresillian Art Centre Nedlands WA. Inspired by the bloom cycle of native plants and bush fires, Juliet’s current work is focused on crystalline stellate forms “grown” in the ceramic kiln. By using specific firing profiles and glaze chemistry, Juliet is able to imprint natural crystalline growth patterns on clay. It is her aim to further engage in the transformative qualities of clay and ceramic glaze technology to capture beauty in nature.
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