Lily Platts

Lamps and Chairs, 2023

12 cm
This work merges Platts’ two-year journey into ceramics with her longstanding passion for painting. Through this fusion, Platts endeavours to translate the themes and imagery that have always intrigued her in painting onto the three-dimensional form ceramics. Platts’ creative focus centres on the beauty of the everyday, and the ordinary objects that often escape our notice. These objects silently reflect facets of human life, and she is drawn to capturing their essence through the medium of still life. She reimagines their histories, providing fresh perspectives on their significance. The experimental nature has allowed Platts to transcend traditional canvas boundaries. It empowers her to breathe new life into the way she responds to the discarded objects in her work, giving them renewed purpose and storytelling potential. By working 3 dimensionally Platts hopes to encourage a tangible connection between art and our everyday surroundings.

Lily Platts (she/her) is a visual artist living and working in southern NSW. Lily explores themes of the everyday and is drawn to the way people are reflected within the objects she makes. She is drawn to the medium of still life to capture the past lives of forgotten objects, reimagining their histories through painting and now ceramics.

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