Sophie Witter

Just Because, 2021

51 × 46 cm
Just Because is a still life painting based on a bunch of flowers I received for my wedding anniversary from my mother-in-law. I have placed the vase and flowers in between a little spider plant and a decorative pot. This is painting is one of a series of six I am doing of flowers and pots.
I have used colour and line expressively to capture the feel and movement of the flowers and their almost sculptural appeal. I painted this in one session, as I wanted the quick brushstrokes to create a spontaneous and playful feel. I have used limited colours to tie the painting together and reflect the simple and aesthetic appeal of flowers.
I often paint pots, vases and flowers as they are something I have through out my home and studio and also had in abundance in my childhood home. I like to have subjects in my paintings that connect me to my childhood and create a visual continuity between the past and now.
I am always interested in exploring subjectivity and the visual connections between thinking, doing, imagining and remembering. The titles of my works anchor them in the daily, chaos of life, keeping them real and present.
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