Angie Goto

Jangled Nerves, 2021

50 × 50 cm
This artwork is an abstract self portrait after I got the cochlear implant. As a Deaf person, at the end of each day I feel very fatigued and on edge, I am ‘Jangled Nerves’. This is a really visual representation of how I feel. The wider community sees my cochlear implant and assumes it is a ‘cure’ or a ‘fix’, but that is not the case. I am still Deaf, even with a cochlear implant, it certainly helps in some situations but it is actually quite a lot of hard work trying to process sounds and work out where they are coming from. I have a love/hate relationship with my cochlear implant. I love being in the Deaf world and using Auslan, it’s where I am truly most comfortable and I don’t tend to have the ‘Jangled Nerves’ after a day in the deaf world.
I am an Australian artist with a unique figurative, abstract interpretation of my surroundings. I was born deaf so art provides me with a vehicle to explore colour and images from another perspective. I enjoy working with my hands and over the years has successfully made and sold handmade products in ceramics, glassware and clothing in Australia and England. Painting has become my full time occupation as it allows my unlimited creative control. I can communicate on all levels but ultimately I find inspiration from the world through meditative silence of my mind. My return to painting was heralded by the Tropfest film titled “Angie” which was a finalist in 2015. I am also a part time Artist Educator at the Museum of Contemporary Art for their special projects aimed at People with Disabilities and the Deaf Community.

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