Catherine Tate

it’s a weird world, 2023

34 × 36 cm
Catherine Tate is a contemporary ceramic artist with a background in graphics and this eye for design influences her work. On one hand her work is informed by architecture and interiors – from contemporary minimalism to ancient architecture in rich decay. On the other influenced by coastal landscapes and the lush headlands that surround her. She looks for patterns, textures and the rhythm of the natural world she uses a mixture of stoneware clays and an array of coloured glazes, slips and oxides to bring her hybrid landscapes to life. You’ll see textures drawing on memories of peeling plaster walls – rough and chalky – yet in part still holding the pigments and rich history of time past.

From 2007 to 2019, Catherine Tate pursued her ceramics education, earning certificates in ceramics and teaching at various institutions in Sydney. She also exhibited her work at several galleries in Sydney and Melbourne, showcasing her artistic talent. Additionally, she has a background in graphic design and fashion editing, with experience at magazines in the UK and Australia, along with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Kingston Art College in England.

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