Bien Selvano

I'll Come Home to You, 2021

9 cm
I’ll Come Home to You
The Potter’s Story

I was born in Manila and was raised by a loving mother who put food on our table from hard work and showed me that with passion, you could dream far and big under the stars and venture into a world full of dark deciduous trees. I lost her in my pursuit of dreams as a young boy, and I was shattered. I lost life’s purpose and my faith, and for a long time, I swam far out in the ocean hoping that the ripples would take me to a kinder world.

I grew in pain and solitude, and in time of another grief and loss, I found a new love so pure and real that I thought would never exist again.

With battles we’ve lost and won, I’ve continued to fill the space of my empty book. It is far from over yet, but the boy who was once a dreamer, has finally landed a safe place.
Bien is a self-taught potter, who finds interest in the art of the table. Born in Manila, he went to Australia in 2017 to continue a career in Information Technology, but what he found was a totally different world. Pottery is Bien’s sweet escape from the fast moving corporate world. It is his true self and his love language, a medium he uses to speak to his lost loved ones and to reconnect his past to his future. Bien started his pottery journey in December of 2019. He had taken short workshops from some of Melbourne’s known ceramicists like the likes of James Lemon, Sarah Schembri, and Alison Frith. Bien considers himself a new comer in this space but is so eager to take the pieces he makes from his home studio to the homes and dining places of Australia one table at a time, helping diners appreciate art and food in the company of their loved ones.

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