Bronwen Hunt

Homecoming, 2023

91 × 91 cm
The quayside represents a sense of homecoming, a journey completed, of safety found. They’re sturdy, solid. Usually established in calmer waters. Their structure carries the patina of wear and weather and interest me with their collective negative spaces and story. This particular work was developed from sketches I did on site in Monterey, California, I kept going back to the drawing, flattening out the planes until they became simpler shapes and lines, the orange ‘X’ giving the eye a place to land but also representative of having reached your destination. The darker areas allow for the moody shadows beneath the structure, these are set against the light structural elements and water.

A Melbourne based artist working predominantly with oil and cold wax medium.
Whilst remaining largely figurative, she pays homage to contemporary art theory. Her work has been largely developed through classes with contemporary artist Ron Reynolds.
Bronwen was a finalist in the Mavis Little Artist Of the Year 2022 and the Collie Art Prize in2023.

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