Steph Wallace

Hollow Form 1, 2023

30 cm
Challenging the assumption that a vessel, by nature holds or contains another object or item, this sculptural form holds within it only its own negative space. The void; held by walls, foot and extensive rim serves in reference to the Wadawurrung landscape, hollowed by its gold mining legacies. The surface which is inlaid with Mishima linework and applied with textural glazes, although abstract in nature, provokes a divisional inference and provides allusion to the surface of the land; broken up and demarked by post- colonial landowners in the divisive English tradition of fences, walls and agricultural usage.

Steph Wallace is a ceramic artist based in Ballarat on Wadawurrung Country. Steph’s work is deeply rooted in her connection and exploration of the land in which she practices. She weaves narratives that reflect the complexities of her own migrancy, cultural identity and the legacies of colonialism on the contemporary landscape.
Steph’s practice challenges established norms by combining traditional techniques with experimental approaches. Her work serves as a platform for dialogue, encouraging reflection and understanding of diverse histories. In engaging with clay she harvests from her environment, Steph adds depth to her exploration of land by using it as the very medium for creative expression.

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