Fiona Schoer

Her Soundless Words, 2021

43 × 32 cm
Her Soundless Words is one of the first works in which I began disassembling op-shop frames, experimenting with ways of reinterpreting unwanted or discarded objects. After peeling away papers on the rear of the frame, oil paint is applied, using imperfections and supports, such as nails to guide application. Viewing this surface as a secret space my methodology explores the idea of the memory of objects, and what those objects might imbue during their time co-habiting alongside us. This work explores complex narratives surrounding the human condition and seeks to give voice to those who feel they have none, in particular those experiencing domestic violence. Altered form and illegible text convey a disjointed and illogical reality. A reality in which nothing makes sense and voices are unheard.
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