Sophie Sachs

Green Glass, Blue Glass and a Pink Glass (framed), 2023

60 × 90 cm

After completing my Masters of Architecture at the University of Queensland I worked as a lead designer with Urban Art Projects in public art for 5 years. I now works as a full- time artist in my home studio in Brisbane.  

Key awards – Winner of NEAP painting prize 2022. Winner of Saint Cloche wall works award, Little Things Art Prize, 2021

The works Four glasses and a jar and A green glass, blue glass and a pink glass are a continuation of my current painting practice which focuses on exploring glass, water and light. By painting glasses and jars which are very much everyday objects, the paintings really become about the sunlight that refracts through the glass and water. While I strive to represent the glass and water realistically my overarching focus is to capture the brightness of the light, aiming for the painting to appear as if sunlight is actually streaming onto the board.

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