Antoinette Tyndall

Garlic and Rosemary (unframed), 2023

30 × 30 cm

Antoinette is a Sydney based artist with a four year Diploma of Art Education from the National Art School, Sydney.  She has recently returned to painting full time after a substantial career teaching senior secondary Visual Arts, which also involved HSC Visual Arts marking for a number of years. Exhibitions include works in the Bammoree gallery, an online exhibition at Purple Noon Gallery, a group exhibition at the Balmain Watch House, and more recently a joint exhibition at Purple Noon Gallery. Antoinette has also been a finalist in the Gosford Art Prize 2022, the Hornsby Art Prize 2022 andMichael Reid Northern Beaches ACB Selects exhibition 2022.

“Painting still life introduces a sense of calm, order and balance into my life. I have always been intrigued by the play of light on surfaces and how our brain interprets that to visually create solid form. The gentle stillness and illusive surfaces of domestic objects have become my focus, partly because they are readily available and also because of the subtle variations in surface quality. I particularly enjoy the challenge of reflections and reflective surfaces. For me, the meditative nature of the painting process and the quiet stillness of the subject matter act as a form of counterbalance to the general stressors that life can throw at us. The dramatic Baroque chiaroscuro of Caravaggio’s forms, the gentle stillness and domestic history of Chardin’s worn surfaces and tranquility of Vermeer’s subtle characteristics created by light falling on his subject are all informing my recent art practice”.

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