Rebeccah Power

‘Fog, as if the mere act of watching has drawn it into existence’, 2021

70 × 50 cm
Although at first glance the artwork seems playful and almost childlike, it finds inspiration in recent experiences of grief and loss which have driven me to seek expression of ideas of universal significance through abstraction. I am interested in capturing the moment of transition between formlessness and form. This interest stems from theories in Quantum mechanics which concludes that our observations might actually contribute to the creation of physical reality. I find it amazing that before something is observed and becomes 'something' that thing could be 'anything'. There are infinite possibilities in that moment.

The title for the painting 'Fog, as if the mere act of watching has drawn it into existence' is taken from an article in Discover Magazine that asks the question "Does the universe exist if we are not looking?” The work is based on impressions of the thick Fog surrounding my country home. Made using a process of staining and stumbling successive layers of pigment in oil paint and wax, the canvas is imbued with a sense of becoming. There is an ambiguous depth suggesting mists and cloud banks with worked edges that give a sense of confinement to an-otherwise endless expanse.
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