Yannick Blattner - RUNNER UP 2022

Fibro meets fibreglass in a plastic dream, 2022

61 × 76 cm
‘Fibro meets fibreglass in a plastic dream’ aims to contribute to discussions of class and wealth disparity in the current socio-economic environment. Framed within Australia’s subtropical climate the work raises concerns of identity, environment, social status, and culture. Depicting a large fibreglass pool leaning menacingly against a small fibro shack, the work appropriates the formal and cultural qualities of these source materials—modifying them to create multifaceted allegories. For practical purposes they epitomise the Australian dream, the predilection for leisure and recreation. As art object they become a symbol of an environment in flux, under threat of climate-change through overconsumption, inaction, and lethargy. Australia flaunts a climate-based lifestyle that is synonymous with the nations identity and has become highly commodified. ‘Fibro meets fibreglass in a plastic dream’ uses the commercial manifestations of this lifestyle—capturing the by-products of a climate that is simultaneously idyllic and unforgiving.
Statement I’m a Brisbane based artist primarily concerned with the dichotomies, contradictions, and paradoxes of identity, culture, and class. The temporal experiences and rituals of sub-tropical living are recurring themes throughout my work. I’m interested in playing with the relevance and efficacy of objects and images as allegorical and symbolic devices. Rearranging context and presenting the audience with familiar and provoking yet ambiguous work. Working across painting, video, installation, performance, and sculpture my work is underpinned by labour, leisure and lethargy, class and consumerism. Bio Blattner graduated a Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours (First Class) from the Queensland University of Technology (2014). During his studies he was awarded the inaugural Hild Chenhall Scholarship (2012). He has been a finalist in the Still Prize (2021), Churchie National Emerging Art prize (2015) and the Gold Coast art Prize (2015). Blattner’s solo exhibitions include: Thrust, Walls Artspace (2017); Contrived Circumstances Spiro Grace Art Rooms (SGAR) (2016) and Heatwave, Zeppelin Projects (2015). In 2017 Blattner was the Museum of Brisbane artist in residence, which resulted in his solo exhibition Stay till the sun sets (2017).
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