Elwira Skowronska

Eclipse 3, 2022

112 × 112 cm
The allure, the wonder, the inherent art and beauty beyond the science and deadly scourge that is SARS-Co-V-2 inspires Eclipse 3. Lured by the awe and romance of an infinite inter-galactic meta-sphere and the minutiae of its nano molecular particles, it opens a portal to the sensory and sublime beyond the biological and socially alarming. It conceives of an exotic cellular solar eclipse with the minute virus, configured of a glowing corona surrounding a central sphere orbiting within its vast sub-visual universe. Its planetary like form metaphorically mirrors the obliterating darkness and shadow cast across the Earth by the global pandemic; while the subsequent emergence into light is a radiant symbol of hope at its passing. Eclipse 3 is a part of the series Deep Eclipse. It is created in a meticulous pointillist painting style by applying a myriad of methodically layered minute paint particles on canvas. It uses a celestial blue-on-blue, its palette is restricted to resonating hues of light ultramarine and deep ultramarine. This palette makes Eclipse 3 pulsate with subtle colours variations, evoking the glowing aureoles of a solar eclipse. The spectrum of single colour hues morph to reveal a spherical form visually embedded within the painting’s square format.
Elwira Skowrońska is multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the invisible world of minutiae that underpin our world. By doing so she investigates a new type of sublime composed of micro infinities, vastly different to the Romantic sublime of large-scale boundless spaces. After completing a Masters degree at National Art School in Sydney she pursued her research into the aesthetics of the nano world with an Artist in Residency at La Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris and a doctorate at Sydney College of the Arts. Elwira’s work is based on translating recent scientific discoveries such as the Higgs Boson particle into perceptible form. Her nano depictions are created by using a matrix of computer graphic particles that are converted into painterly dots, digital specks and videographic pixels. Her portfolio consists of complex paintings depicting landscapes composed of minute dots, 3D assemblages that allow viewers to transact with particle specks and videos that enable the audience to interact with the pulsating pixels. Elwira’s first solo exhibition was in 2015. Her artwork has been selected for exhibition at the prestigious venues such as the ZKM Centre for Art & Technology, Germany. Currently, Elwira is an Artist in Resident at iCinema UNSW.
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