Lana Daubermann

Dream Walking (framed), 2023

66 × 56 cm

Lana Daubermann was born 1979, Harare, Zimbabwe. Grew up in Perth, WA and now lives in Melbourne.

Lana is a landscape and still life painter, and one of the resident artists at Pentridge Studios near the Merri Creek in Melbourne’s inner north. She primarily works in oils and enjoys the immersive qualities of paint and it’s endless possibilities in mark-making. Her practice is always evolving as she trys to push her artistic vocabulary to find new ways of describing ephemeral moments of light and atmosphere in pieces that are realistic and abstract all at once. Fleeting feelings, the passing of time and  a sense of nostalgia are common threads that weave through her work.

2022 Finalist in the Glover Prize,  2023 Finalist in the Ravenswood (emerging category), 2023 Landscape Winner in the Linden Postcard Show

‘Light and space effect my mood so greatly – a small shift in the sun, the temperature of a breeze or a subtle change in scent can have such an impact on how I feel in any moment. It’s these impermanent human experiences I try to capture.’

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