Steph Woods

Divergent Butter Vase, 2021

57 × 20 cm
For centuries ceramic craft has been entangled with functional expectations. Still to this day, many perceive ceramic works as a lesser form if they do not contain handles, a watertight body or have a specific and obvious use. By disrupting the notion that ceramics must be functional objects, we allow space to explore and expand our knowledge of the craft. Art forms no longer must have a practical purpose in order to be deemed valuable.

By rejecting the fundamental elements of a vase, Divergent Butter Vase playfully captures the eye of the beholder and questions, what makes a vase a vase? The series systematically repels typical traditional components including protruding handles, smooth streamline forms, neutral colour tones, and gloss glaze interiors that are expected in ceramic craft. By maintaining fragments of traditional elements such as a flared top and hollowed shell, Divergent Butter Vase has an ambiguous, alluring nature that stays open to interpretation. Sculpture Dimensions: 57cm H x 20cm D Materials: Earthenware with Matte Glaze
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